Welcome to Our latex chart

This page is here to help you determine what kind of latex colors will work best with your event and theme. Let's learn first about the types of finishes that our latex comes in.

11" Solid Latex Balloons

Our standard solid latex balloons are waht you think of when the image of a balloon comes to mind. They have a solid presence with a bright pop of color and light shine when in direct sunlight.

11" Matte Pastel Balloons

Our pastel latex are similar to our solid latex only in a much lighter shade. When you are looking for a light pop of color with a light matte finish that reminds you of spring, Easter, or a babyshower, these are the colors that you are looking for.

11" Vintage Solid Colored Latex

Our vintage latex have a beautiful matte finish mixed with bright, romanic tones of classic colors that pair beautifully with greenery and wood accents to create the Boho aesthetic of your dreams.

Pearl 11" Latex

Our pearl latex have a lustrious, pearlized, rough texture that gives a great deal os shine to a design. For our jewel tones, such as Pearl Pink, this finish gives it a bright cheery look, while the dark tones of Pearl Midnight Blue gives off the deep, romantic tones of a mignight sky.

Chrome 11" Latex

Our chromes give off a flashy, shiny color and finish that is sure to liven up any event space. With their smooth, illustrious finish, they give off an effortless elegance that looks fantastic in any ballroom or office space.