Let's Learn About Events!!!

There are three listed above terms that may be a bit confusing when starting to plan the big shindig.

A celebration is in reference to a one time event, primarily in regards to milestones. For our example, we use corporate milestones, such as a grand opening.

A party is a gathering that is usually felxible on duration length, as well as a guest list, and is usually held as a semi-private funcation or in a public space.

An event is a large gathering of poeple that usually encombasese activities or event specific requirements, and often is restircited for time, budget, and requires thorough planning ahead of time.

Our Balloon Shop in West Ashley is the largest retail balloon store in North America. We are a family based, woman-owned, independant small business which thrives off of our excellence in customer service, participation in charity and volunteer events, and the maintenance of core family values.  We are a facilitator of small business practicing in the Lowcountry, as well as a self-made business that supports organizations such as Support the Troops, the Make A Wish Foundation, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, and many more. Jill has created a highly successful business, which is internationally recognized and awarded. She is often sought after for her knowledge and loves to help other businesses thrive. If you are interested in hiring Jill for a public speaking event you can do so here.

We choose to purchase and support as many Made in the USA product as we can source.
If we don’t have what you are looking for, chances are it doesn’t exist or does not meet our high standards.

Our mission as the largest balloon retailer in North America is to change the way the world views balloons. We plan on accomplishing this by enhancing the overall shopping expericence both in person and online. To educate the responsible usage and disposal of balloons so as not to create a negative impact on the environment. To elevate an event using balloons as a way to celebrate every occasion in someone’s life with the expectation of high quality craftsmanship, creativity and outstanding customer experience.

Yes! Pending our product availability, you can choose just about any color from our color chart. Don't see the color(s) you had in mind? Ask about our custom, double stuffed colors.