11" Glitter Confetti Filled Latex
    11" Glitter Confetti Filled Latex
    11" Glitter Confetti Filled Latex

    11" Glitter Confetti Filled Latex


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    Take Note: THESE BALLOONS LAST UNDER 48 hours on average.


    Balloons naturally move with the air current, so we cannot guarantee that they will  remain in a specific formation. 

    Float Time and Appearance:
    Our balloons used indoors will float for a minimum of two to three days. If exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight it will affect the performance of the balloon and diminish the life of your balloon. We can not offer a guarantee on any balloon used outdoors or placed in less than desirable conditions.

    Latex balloons will begin to slowly reduce in size with each passing day. They will also oxidize, a natural process which changes the original glossy finish to a soft matte finish.

    A note about clear latex:

    Clear latex after time and oxidation exposure builds a milky/chalky color that will no longer be crystal clear. This occurs fastest outdoors or in direct sunlight.

    Disposal and Hazard:
    PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE and DO NOT RELEASE Balloons into the atmosphere. Please be advised that some beach towns do not allow balloons on the beach or waterways. You can read more about balloon safety and how to use them responsibly here. When you have finished enjoying your balloons you can dispose of them properly or read how to take an environmental stand with us to reduce waste. 
    Balloons can pose a choking/strangulation hazard to children and pets. Discard broken balloons and ribbons immediately. Always supervise children or pets around balloons.

    This product contains or has been exposed to a latex environment.

    Our delivery charge varies by location and time request.

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