Rainbow Pattern Anchor Weight

    Rainbow Pattern Anchor Weight


    Balloon Centerpiece Weight. Anchor your balloons and keep them from flying away with our Frilly Topped Balloon Weight!

    Will hold up to 10 Standard size Balloons, a Jumbo Balloon, or Confetti Balloon.

    Balloon Weight makes for a fun and festive table decoration all by itself.

    Pro Tip: If you plan on using them outdoors we suggest you purchase one or more additional Balloon Weights to help prevent your Balloons from escaping or walking if it is breezy.


    • Weight 6 ounces
    • Height 5 inches
    • Reusable + Environmentally Responsible
    • Manufactured by Anagram

    Be Balloon Smart: Secure all helium balloons with a weight to keep them from flying into the air and becoming litter or getting tangled in a tree or power line.

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